Randy O
Based in Berkeley, California

Release date:
2016 (PC/Mac), 2011(iOS)

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On iOS


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Dead End is a simple but deep game where your task is controlling the fear of Harold, an unlucky gardener facing the zombie apocalypse. Using only 1 or 2 buttons to control Harold, you control whether Harold is running or fighting. You must conquer both the controls and the zombies hoping to snack on his tasty brains.


When I was working on ideas for my first solo commercial game (this was back in 2011), I knew my game had to be as simple as possible. I wanted a game as simple to control as Canabalt, but with the strategic depth of Super Crate Box. I had, years prior, come up with a 1-button FPS idea where the space-bar controlled a man's fear and desire to run from paranoid delusions. The idea fit perfectly with my goals. Eight short months later, I released the first version of Dead End! In March 2012 I updated the game with additional levels, an endless mode, new weapons, and most importantly, a 2-button control option. I was very opposed to 2 button control, because the game was built upon the premise of one control: fear. However, there was enough fan desire for two buttons that I added it as an "Easy" difficulty. I'm happy with it, and have come to terms with the game being a little friendlier, despite diluting the original intention slightly. September 2012, I'm thrilled that Dead End is Universal with iPad Retina graphics. It's everything I originally envisioned, and now I can happily move onto my next project. In April 2016 I finally got back to Dead End and was able to port it to Unity, and now anyone on PC and Mac can also play the game.


  • Strategic while only using 1 or 2 buttons.
  • 5 environments, 6 weapons, and cute zombies!
  • Endless and Story modes
  • An insanity mode for those not challenged enough by normal
  • Frame-by-frame animated characters.
  • Once you learn the tricks of Dead End, you'll be hooked.


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Awards & Recognition

    Dead End has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "I have to doff my M-emblazoned cap to Dead End for having controls that made a mockery of my expectations of a twin-stick shooter. There are better twin stick shooters on iOS, but few of them feel as unique as Dead End does."
        - Sinan Kubba, 148apps
      • "Dead End is a challenging game that gamers who are a part of the zombie craze will love."
        - Angie, Apps on Tap
      • "It all boils down to killing zombies in a simple and satisfying way, and for that Dead End delivers admirably."
        - Marius Masalar, Appstorm.net

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      About Randy O

      I'm an independent game designer and artist. I'm part of the Tiger Style Games collective and a contractor for other companies. But more than anything, I love designing my own titles.

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      Dead End Credits

      Whitaker Trebella
      Composer of new track

      Chris Cerrato
      Classic composer

      Randy O'Connor
      Everything else

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