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January, 2013

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Distractions, An Ongoing Series of Game Poems

Ten short form games developed during the past year about subjects that are important and/or fascinating to me, such as failing eyesight, interpreting signals, and fracking.
All the games are bounded by the same set of highly restrictive constraints. Each prototype cannot use color, must have a single scoring mechanic, use only primitive shapes and/or numbers, and must be finished in no more than a couple days of work.


Originally released in January 2013, it was developed and added to for the course of a year. An additional gameplay prototype was added every month or two months during 2013.


  • Black, white, and shades of gray
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • No tutorials, just dry confusing text
  • Abstract, metaphorical gameplay
  • Universal


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Gameplay YouTube

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      About Randy O

      I'm an independent game designer and artist. I'm part of the Tiger Style Games collective and a contractor for other companies. But more than anything, I love designing my own titles.

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