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Welcome to "Scoundrels", a board game of luck and piracy! (NOW ON KICKSTARTER!)

Here, in the Sea of Troubles, amongst the waves and jungles and ports and perils, opportunity awaits any scum willing to fight. Whether attacking the Governor’s Gangway, or sailing past Risky Reef Town, there’s plenty of treasure to be pillaged! But beware, such a trove of plunder will bring others, nasty, greedy, and willing to fight. If you're not careful, you may even end up a ghost pirate, haunting those still alive.

So pillage, take your goods, steal them from others, and bury them if you can, for in the tales written three hundred years from now, will you be the most infamous of pirates?

Scoundrels is a 3-6 player tabletop push-your-luck game, that takes 90-120 minutes. (With a 30-60 minute variant.) Players use a random hand of Action cards (Swords, Sails, Cannons, Wilds) to move their ships around a cloth map, pillaging, boarding, cannoning, and burying treasure, trying to gain the most Infamy points. It’s a wild, rubber-banded game, where the lead can change constantly, and nothing is certain until the tale is ended.

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